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Kids Page

The Randleman Fire Department is committed to serving citizens of all ages and educating kids ensures they are not afraid of fire personnel in an emergency and possess the knowledge to feel prepared during an emergency. This can be accomplished through teaching the right things to do.
The first thing to understand is that fire is a tool and not a toy. Kids should never play with fire and inform a trusted adult if lighters or matches are found in areas such as the home or school. The second portion is about 9-1-1 being dialed when you see a real emergency and a real emergency only. It is important to understand if you call 9-1-1 when there is not a real emergency, other people may not be able to receive the immediate help they need. 
If you dial 9-1-1, you will most likely see a fire truck in your driveway because the fire department not only responds to fires but medical calls as well.

You can download pages to color and learn more about fire safety below!

You can also visit operation edith for more information on fire safety and Exit Drills in the Home