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Our Shield

Our Shield
                                                              Symbolism of the Police Shield

  1. The Oval Shaped Shield symbolizes our commitment to protect those we serve from harm.
  2. The border design is based on the fasces, an ancient Roman symbol of authority with continuous  strands along the shields edge, which represent our commitment to protect and serve the community and enhance the quality of life. The strands are not always visible on the shield just as the efforts of the police officers are not always visible to the community with the endless functions of the police department, operating unnoticed while the community sleeps and performing undercover operations.
  3. The six identical crossed bands symbolize partnerships we create to support our commitment. Along the upper half is our highest priority  and representative of our partnerships with the residential communities, businesses and non-profit organizations, and governmental leaders. Along the lower half are partnerships with the local, state, and federal law enforcement community for homeland security protection.
  4. Designation of the officer's rank which is representative of the authority granted by the Chief of Police.
  5.  Bald Eagle - Symbolizes freedom, spirit, and the pursuit of excellence; a creature standing ever vigilant with the ability to strive in any condition, survive the fiercest storm, and a symbol of a great nation.
  6.  Rays emanating from behind the bald eagle symbolizes the potential support from these partnerships and the rays behind the flags that continue off the edge of the shield is a reminder that there are no limits to what can be accomplished through these mutual efforts.
  7.  The U.S. Flag, North Carolina State Flag, and the Seal of the City of Randleman represent the federal, State and local laws enforced by police officers.
  8.  Designation of city and department.
  9.  The Great State of North Carolina.