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DOT Maintained Roads within the City Limits

Several streets within the City limits are maintained by The Department of Transportation.

  • Bowman Ave.
  • Business 311
  • Commonwealth Rd.
  • East Naomi St.
  • Fox St.
  • High Point St.
  • Hunters Ridge Rd.
  • Island Ford Rd.
  • North Main St.
  • Randleman Lake Rd.
  • South Main St.
  • South Stout Rd.
  • South Stout St.
  • Swaim St.
  • Wesleyan Rd.
  • West Academy St. (to West Naomi St.)
  • West Naomi St.

Resident must contact DOT for any potholes, ditch-line cleaning or drainage issues. 336-318-4050 or click here