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Police Officer

Description :

Performs general duty law enforcement work in varied areas of the department. Work includes patrol, investigating traffic accidents, investigating criminal activity, serving warrants, traffic law enforcement, responding to domestic disputes and other work applicable to law enforcement. Employees are highly visible in the community and exercises visible presence to prevent or abate crime. Employees must have the ability to develop a positive public image, display tact and firmness when interacting with criminal suspects or witnesses, apply reasoned and experienced judgement and discretion, and project a positive attitude.

Salary Range: $52,900 - $79,351

Employee Benefits

  • Vacation Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Paid Holidays
  • Petty Leave
  • Contributory Retirement System (LGERS) – employee contributes 6% with additional employer contribution into the plan
  • 5% Employer contribution to 401(k)
  • Medical/Hospitalization Insurance – Dependent coverage available
  • Dental Insurance – Dependent coverage available
  • Life Insurance coverage – Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance available
  • Vision – Dependent coverage available
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Credit Union Membership Eligibility
  • Progressive Pay Plan
  • Christmas Bonus (2% of Annual Salary)
  • Annual Longevity Bonus
  • Professional Certificate Program Incentive:
    Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate (One-time $500)
    Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate (2% salary increase)
  • Sign-On Bonus Incentive:
    Three thousand dollar ($3000) sign-on bonus for all newly hired employees. Which will be paid in three installments of $1000 each. First installment upon hire, second installment is paid upon first anniversary and last installment paid upon second anniversary.
  • Lateral Entry Incentive:
    Newly hired employees are eligible for a one percent (1%) increase above the current base salary for each year of experience in the exact field being hired for. A maximum of ten years (10) of prior experience will be recognized, therefore making a ten percent (10%) increase above base salary the maximum pay increase that could be obtained by this incentive.
  • Education Incentive:
    Percentage increase in salary of two percent (2%) for having obtained an associate degree  in the  related field specific to the job. An additional two percent (2%) salary increase may be considered for employees who have obtained a bachelor's degree in the aforementioned fields of study, as well as an additional two percent (2%) for obtaining a master’s degree.

Take-Home Cars
Randleman Police Officers are assigned their own cars, if they live within the county of Randolph, they may drive them to and from work. Officers are also granted use of the vehicle for other work related matters such as court, training, or special assignments.

Contact : Applicant Interest Card

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled