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Planning & Zoning Director

Description :

Performs difficult managerial, professional, and administrative duties regarding planning, development, and storm water management for the City.

Distinguishing Features of the Class

An employee in this class supervises and participates in the work of planning, economic and community development, stormwater management, GIS, and other related programs for the City. Work involves providing guidance for the orderly long-range growth and current development of the City and supervising staff in conducting studies, enforcement of zoning and related codes, planning, design projects, and grants management and administration. Work also includes storm water management and parks and recreation planning. Work involves representing the city in intergovernmental activities such as working with infrastructure, transportation, green space planning, and land use issues with other governmental officials. Work also includes representing the City on regional boards and committees regarding stormwater, environmental, economic development, and planning and development issues. Work requires responsibility for the overall design of the long-range planning program for appropriate land use within the growing City. Work involves extensive public contact and coordination with other departments, boards, commissions, and the public. Extensive judgement and initiative are required in conducting research projects, compiling reports and making presentations, and making recommendations for various programs and functions of the City. Knowledge and skill in process design and facilitation to obtain citizen and developer input and develop consensus among conflicted parties is required as well as technical and professional knowledge and skill. Considerable tact and courtesy must be exercised in the public contact functions. Work is performed under general administrative direction and is evaluated through conferences, review of work, and overall acceptance of the programs by the City's citizens.

Essential Duties and Tasks

    • Develops, coordinates, and directs staff in the functions of planning, development, zoning, code enforcement, stormwater management, and GIS database management and application.
    • Prepares and reviews comprehensive and strategic plans relating to a broad spectrum of social, economic, physical, infrastructure, transportation, parks and recreation, environmental, and community facilities; updates city comprehensive plans as required.
    • Supervises the review of current plans of developers and property owners to ensure compliance with approved codes; facilitates projects through the development process.
    • Supervises and participates in site plan review, current planning administration, issuing permits, citizen service, public presentations, staffing boards and commissions, development of ordinances and amendments, staff reports, and GIS database maintenance.
    • Performs storm water management; coordinates plan reviews; plans and coordinates new regulations; performs education, outreach, and public involvement in regulatory development; researches and implements new policies and procedures; ensures compliance with NPDES Phase II regulations and Randleman Management Strategy.
    • Markets the city through various contacts and resources; calls on and responds to requests from businesses and site selection consultants; maintains confidentiality on site prospects.
    • Facilitates projects through the development process.
    • Searches for grants and funding sources to support infrastructure and planning improvements; researches, writes, and negotiates contracts for grant procurement and administration.
    • Research, draft, and make recommendations in policies, programs, activities, processes, and procedures.
    • Represents the City to and with a wide variety of local, regional, state, and federal officials, developers, contractors, and the public.
    • Provides guidance to Manager, City Council, Board of Adjustment, Planning Board, and staff in design, interpretation, and direction for planning studies and documents.

Minimum Education and Experience

  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Master’s degree in Planning, Public Administration, or related field and seven years of progressively responsible professional experience in county, regional, or city planning;

OR, • Bachelor's degree in Planning, Public Administration, or related field and nine years of progressively responsible professional experience in county, regional, or city planning; AND, two years of which must have been at the supervisory or management level;

Employee Benefits

  • Vacation Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Paid Holidays
  • Petty Leave
  • Contributory Retirement System (LGERS) – employee contributes 6% with additional employer contribution into the plan
  • 5% Employer contribution to 401(k)
  • Medical/Hospitalization Insurance – Dependent coverage available
  • Dental Insurance – Dependent coverage available
  • Life Insurance coverage – Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance available
  • Vision – Dependent coverage available
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Credit Union Membership Eligibility
  • Progressive Pay Plan
  • Christmas Bonus (2% of Annual Salary)
  • Annual Longevity Bonus
    Three thousand dollar ($3000) sign-on bonus for all newly hired employees. Which will be paid in three installments of $1000 each. First installment upon hire, second installment is paid upon first anniversary and last installment paid upon second anniversary.
  • Lateral Entry Incentive:
    Newly hired employees are eligible for a one percent (1%) increase above the current base salary for each year of experience in the exact field being hired for. A maximum of ten years (10) of prior experience will be recognized, therefore making a ten percent (10%) increase above base salary the maximum pay increase that could be obtained by this incentive.
  • Education Incentive:
    Percentage increase in salary of two percent (2%) for having obtained an associate degree in the related field specific to the job. An additional two percent (2%) salary increase may be considered for employees who have obtained a bachelor's degree in the aforementioned fields of study, as well as an additional two percent (2%) for obtaining a master’s degree.
Pay Grade: 25
Compensation: $52,900.088 - $66,126.10

Deadline for Applying: Open until filled


Contact : Human Resource

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled